Farm Gate Produce Sales brings you local produce - fresh produce and hand crafted products from all over Australia direct from the farm gate. Visit the shop and buy direct from the producer or go to the farm gates that are open to the public. The Farm Gate Trails page takes you there.
You can taste the difference, smell the difference, feel the difference and see the difference with products that are from the farmgate.
The Producers Page enables you to find products by State or type. Products include berries, chocolates, honey, lavendar, olive oil, jams, dressings, vinegars, nuts, gluten free, organic and many more. Links take you to a list of the producers and then to their profile page.
The Trails Page, with the use of the interactive map, enables you to plan a day out visiting farm gates open to the public. All you have to do is select a State, Click "Load Markers", type in your start and finish address, press "Get Directions", click markers near the route to see if you want to go there, drag the route to the marker and then click Print Directions. You are now ready for a great day out whether it by driving through the country side or walking the city streets.
The Recipes Page has tested and tried recipes submitted by a Producer. The recipes use their product(s) with the end result being a unique flavour, a signature of their product.
The Shop enables you to buy direct from producers all over Australia online. On the first page you can see a list of newly added products and there is also a list of Featured Products. On the left is a list of categories and some will have sub categories like Spreads - jams, jellies, marmalades etc. You can buy from them securely using a credit card or your Paypal account. There is no middle person. Some producers will not have products in the shop, so make sure you have a look at the Producer Profile. Producer/ State or Product Type/ Producer Information.
The Shop Page takes you where you can purchase products directly from producers. All the categories are listed and you can do a search by product name or seller name.
The Mobile Website is your connection on the move. There are listings of farm gates open to the public and you can just click to telephone them. There are also maps with markers and information windows. The maps also enable you to get directions from where you are to the farm gate. The only things you will not be able to do at this stage is buy online or drag the route on a map to change directions. So, bookmark on your mobile and you are ready to go. We do not have an app as we feel you have everything you need available on an easy to navigate mobile website.